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PRINCE2® Foundation, and Agile Practitioner

Learn how to manage a project using the PRINCE2 method. With PRINCE2 you learn to work professionally with project management with a special focus on time, economy and quality.

A PRINCE2 Online Professional Project Management course will help you boost your job prospects with an internationally recognised certification on your CV. 

The course provides you with professional skills in project management and prepares you to pass PRINCE2 Foundation, PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner.

The PRINCE2® theory is based on experience from thousands of projects and contributions from countless project managers, project sponsors, trainers and project management consultants. Organisations using the method ensure that all project participants speak the same prog, understand each other’s roles and responsibilities and use the same model to implement the project. This will increase the success rate of the project as well as improve the final project outcome. The certification is an internationally recognised credential that you can use worldwide to prove your project management skills. Read more about what PRINCE2 is here.

PRINCE2 Agile® is an advanced module for people and companies who are already familiar with the PRINCE2 method. The methodology shows how to apply the agile mindset in a PRINCE2 context, the world’s most widely used project framework. PRINCE2 Agile has been developed as a stand-alone course at practitioner level. The purpose of the exam is to demonstrate that you understand and can use PRINCE2 Agile in different situations.

Who is the course for?

In principle, anyone can take a PRINCE2®, but most people have project management experience or an interest in project management.

PRINCE2 Agile® practitioner is relevant for those who want to work more agile, but with PRINCE2 as a reference framework. It is a prerequisite that you already have a basic certification in project management – either PRINCE2® Foundation, IPMA or PMP.

Why this package makes sense

Most certifications in project management have a Foundation (basic) and a Practitioner (extended and/or proven practice) version. Both levels are based on the same manual, which means that for Practitioner you have already acquired the professional content.
Following the standard PRINCE2®, there is a need to see PRINCE2® in an agile mindset. PRINCE2 Agile® explains how to combine standard PRINCE2® with an agile approach.
The package is aimed at project managers who are well versed in the material and who are disciplined about completing 3 certifications in quick succession.

You will learn…

  • The principles and processes of effective project management.
  • Themes that permeate/infiltrate the entire life of the project.
  • Your role as a project manager and how to manage a project using the PRINCE2® methodology.
  • The rationale behind PRINCE2® processes, themes and techniques.
  • How PRINCE2® is adapted to different project environments.
  • How to incorporate agile models and processes into PRINCE2’s traditional project model.

Where is the course approved?

  • Capital number (8, 334)
  • Zealand number (2, 4, 6)
  • Fyn
  • South Jutland
  • East Jutland
  • North Jutland
  • If you live in West Jutland or on Bornholm, the course can also be approved via the regional lists, as the course is approved in the neighbouring regions.

Does PRINCE2® add value to my CV?

Thomas Pulawski – Accredited PRINCE2® Trainer

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Can you take a PRINCE2® without previous Project Management experience?

Thomas Pulawski – Accredited PRINCE2® Trainer

Job opportunities

Your job centre can offer you a course or training from the regional positive list as part of your job plan.
The aim of the course/training is to improve your skills, and thus your chances of getting a job that matches the needs of the labour market.

It is usually between 800 and 1200 vacancies where a project management certification such as PRINCE2 is relevant.

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Course content

PRINCE2® Foundation, Practitioner :


PRINCE2® with Project Management

PRINCE2® Principles

Adaptation and implementation of PRINCE2

PRINCE2® Themes

PRINCE2® Processer

Organisational implementation considerations


PRINCE2 logo

Mentorix ApS is an Accredited Training Organizations (ATO) by PeopleCert. The Swirl logo™ PRINCE2® is PRINCE2 Agile® are a trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

Course plan

The course is divided into two parts. The first three weeks are spent working with PRINCE2® Foundation. The period concludes with a Foundation certification held online at the end of the third week.

The second part of the course is about PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner, and Practitioner, where also this part ends with a certification at the end of the sixth week of the course.

The PRINCE2® Foundation course is conducted as e-learning with instructor support while the Agile Practitioner part is composed of distance learning and e-learning.

The common material used on the course is the PRINCE2® manual, the PRINCE2 Agile® manual, and PRINCE2® e-learning.

PRINCE2® “Project Management with sussess”, and PRINCE2 Agile® physical books will be sent to you upon registration.

Passing the exam leads to the official PRINCE2® Foundation , Practitioner certification from PeopleCert.

How can Mentorix guarantee that I will pass the exam?

If you have completed the entire course and used all the material, you will be well prepared and have a thorough understanding of the content to pass the exam.

As an added security, you always have a re-take exam with PRINCE2® courses.

About e-learning

On our e-learning you always have the possibility to write directly via the platform to the trainer.

Easily see how far you’ve come and keep track of your stats.

Possibility to download and print materials, process model and official sample test.

Easily see how far you’ve come in e-learning.

Test your knowledge on the platform.

6 test forms.

What our students say


Participant in PRINCE2 Foundation® Online


The PRINCE2® courses have given me an overall approach that I can (and will) use in future projects. The skills and knowledge I have acquired will definitely have a positive impact on my professional life.


Participant in the PRINCE2 Package® Online


PRINCE2 is generally a great methodology as it can be applied to any project, regardless of project scale, type and organisation. The Foundation and Practitioner courses were excellent. Easy access, convenient time frame, very flexible and excellent study material offered.

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